Protect your family from riots and civil unrest with a safe room from Elephant.

Riots, Civil Unrest Renew Interest in Safe Rooms

When it comes to riots and civil unrest, few people are as committed and impassioned as the citizens of the United States. This country was founded on the freedoms of speech and protest. These values have allowed this nation to evolve with the growth of its people and the rest of the world. Recently, however, the values of all Americans have been put to the test. This past election cycle featured some of the most divisive and hotly-contested campaigns in American history. Seething distrust, harmful rhetoric, and sharply contrasting viewpoints have led to tense and sometimes violent confrontations.

What’s Happening?

An outcome which few people saw coming has left our country deeply divided. Democrats in Washington, D.C. are flexing what little muscle they have left on Capitol Hill in an attempt to thwart the new president and his scathing influence. Women and taking to the streets in massive numbers to fight for their rights. School children are bullying peers who they deem to be “inferior” because of the way they look or where they come from. Innocent people are being attacked by bigots screaming “Trump is here; go back home”. Friends, family, and others who visit the United Stated are being stopped and detained simply for being foreign.

Democracy is a fickle thing. When everything is going your way, it is a perfect system; when it all goes wrong, you’re left with a pit in your stomach and a feeling of helplessness. Equality based on race, class, income, education, nationality, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, are values that make us uniquely American. The inexperience, incompetence, and intolerance of a new administration have garnered a revolution-like sentiment among many citizens. Riots and civil unrest have broken out across the country, from airports to pipelines and even the inauguration. The marches and demonstrations been well-documented on countless news outlets for the past several weeks. While some may be excited for this aura of protest and revolution, others may be looking for safety and security for protection from growing uncertainties.

Protection from Riots and Civil Unrest

When it comes to home security, there are few deterrents as effective as a safe room from Elephant. Made right here in the United States with American steel, all of our safe rooms and structures are designed to withstand brutal punishment from weather, intruders, earthquakes, and more. Making sure that your family is safe and secure should be a priority for any homeowner. With Elephant Safe Room, an investment in one of our high-quality storm shelters in an investment in your family’s future.