Safe rooms can help protect against bomb threats.

Bomb Threats and Community Safe Rooms

Bomb threats and violence against Jewish Community Centers, daycare facilities, and temples of worship may signal a dark and tumultuous road ahead for Americans at home.

A Step Backwards

A rise in anti-semitism has recently taken hold on the nation, overshadowing President Trump’s first month in office. Religious discrimination and prejudice is certainly nothing new. However, this most recent wave of hate and intolerance comes at an odd time.

“Alternative” movements and groups spreading hateful rhetoric and stirring controversy have added fuel to this fire. Certain people involved in propagating these movements now have very close ties to the new President’s inner circle. Skepticism and rumors aside, promoting evil is not a step in the right direction for the human race. With a new leader promising to rebuild our country and make it great, there is one good place to start. Take a hard stance condemning the bigotry spread by the people that elected them to office.

Bomb Threats and Vandalism

In the month of January alone, 60 bomb threats were made to 48 jewish institutions in 26 states and one Canadian province. Most were made in quick succession on January 9, 18, and 31st, with some community centers receiving multiple threats. More threatening remarks were phoned in this past Monday, bringing the total for 2017 to nearly 70. The FBI issued a statement notifying the public that they are “investigating possible civil rights violations in connections with threats to Jewish Community Centers across the country.” Bomb threats, vandalism, intimidation, and violence committed with a motive based on faith and religion qualifies as a hate crime, making these federal offenses.

While nobody has been harmed and no explosives have been found at any facilities, this is a sombering experience that should serve as a warning. These domestic terrorists only wish to instill terror and harm. They have no regard for the future or safety of those caught in the crossfire.

Safe Rooms from Elephant

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