storm shelters help the helpless

Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms Help the Helpless

Tornadoes are perhaps the most frightening and harrowing weather experience one can live through. These massive funnels of violent winds and hurling debris destroy millions in property and countless lives every year. We’ve talked time and time again about the importance of a safe room or storm shelter in the event of extremely severe weather. However, a few of our more recent examples have brought to the light a new concern. They happen to deal with some of our most popular uses for our safe rooms and storm shelters: criminal activity and devastatingly severe weather.

Innocent Children Targeted

Last week, we wrote about bomb threats motivated by faith against worship centers and daycare facilities across North America. It seems that with the installation of a new administration in Washington, conservative religious zealots have taken it upon themselves to instill fear and uncertainty in the minds of innocent Americans. These people are making terroristic threats against children with no regard for public safety and no moral compass to guide their actions.

Our safe rooms and shelters can easily protect a large group from these menacing acts of violence and hatred. Luckily, they can also protect against serious weather threats, like tornadoes and earthquakes.

Protecting the Elderly

A severe storm system traveled across the upper Midwest, causing damage across several states on Tuesday. These compact but violent supercells caused damage in Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and other parts of the central United States.

One particular facility that was at very high risk was a retirement community in Ottawa, Illinois. Minor injuries were reported among residents at the facility, but officials do not have an accurate estimate for the amount of people injured by the storm. While 45 million were at risk, only two were killed by the severe weather. Countless homes and other property was destroyed, officials do not yet have an estimate for the cost of damage.

Help the Helpless: Elephant Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters

While these two stories are clearly different, they do have one thing in common. Helpless, innocent people were put in harm’s way without a safe place to take refuge. With a safe room or storm shelter from Elephant, these people could have been kept safe and calm in a secure location. Investing in a community safe room for your worship center, daycare facility, or retirement community could prevent a tragedy.

We build and manufacture a wide variety of safe rooms and storm shelters. Our structures can be customized to best fit your needs; each one features a solid plate steel construction and our special multi-point locking door. From small structures to massive bunkers, we can fit a small family or an entire office building. Whatever your need, take the protection and security of the things you love seriously.

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