earthquakes in oklahoma

Earthquakes Continue in Oklahoma

The people of Oklahoma are beginning to experience an entirely new environmental crisis – earthquakes. Continued drilling and fracking for oil and natural gas production is largely to blame for these man-made quakes.

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A Recipe for Disaster

A new report from the U.S. Geological Survey could preface disaster for Oklahoma and other midwestern states. The risk of earthquakes in Oklahoma is now the same as in California, one of the most seismically active states in America. In 2008, only two earthquakes were recorded in Oklahoma. In 2016, more than 500 tremors hit the state.

The clear rise in seismic activity has a lot of local residents concerned – and for good reason. Unlike California, Oklahoma does not have a history full of earthquakes, tremors, or anything of the sort. As a result, much of the infrastructure was not designed or built to withstand the incredible forces that can be unleashed during such severe seismic activity. Homes, roads, bridges, buildings, water, sewage, power, gas lines, and so many other vital systems could be completely wiped out in the event of a serious earthquake.

According to a local NBC news report, scientists believe that if a 6.5 magnitude quake were to hit Oklahoma, the shock-waves could be felt across the entire country due to the degeneration and destruction of stable bedrock as a result of petrochemical drilling practices. In cities and metropolitan areas, a severe earthquake could even lead some buildings suffering serious damage or even collapsing.

For more information on how fracking and petrochemical drilling can have an adverse effect on the geology and ecology of a region, learn more at this site.

Earthquakes and Protection from Elephant

When it comes to protecting your family, you can never go too far. The growing earthquake problem in Oklahoma and other midwestern states should be a call to action for all residents. Chances are, most homes in the area are not built to withstand a major tremor. These homes were built and designed before earthquakes became a regular part of life in the midwest. As a result, they are at much higher risk of serious structural damage or collapse.

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