deadliest tornado in american history

The Deadliest Tornado in American History

When it comes to national disasters, some of the worst catastrophes are remembered for generations to come. One thing, however, that many people may not know or be able to agree upon, is the deadliest tornado in American history.

The San Francisco Quake of 1906 left thousands dead and caused the city to burn for days due to damaged underground gas lines. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina rocked New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, killing thousands and causing billions and billions of dollars in property damage due to major flooding. Just a few years ago, the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico led to millions of barrels of crude oil being dumped into the fragile ocean ecosystem – of which the area is still recovering from.

The Tri-State Tornado

Just around this time 92 years ago, a devastating twister formed and began its long journey across three different states (where it was given the nickname, “The Tri-State Tornado.” Leveling homes and buildings along its more than 200 mile track, this tornado inflicted close to 700 fatalities, almost double the death toll for the second deadliest tornado (the Great Natchez Tornado). Starting in Missouri then passing through southern Illinois and Indiana, most experts agree that the Tri-State Tornado as an F5 twister, the most severe on the Fujita Scale.

Although this massive twister already claimed several hundred lives, it could have been exponentially worse. This 100-year-old storm came with little warning and did not strike in a densely populated area.

Stay Safe From Tornadoes and Severe Weather

Thanks to an increase in awareness, understanding, and preparedness, it is now much easier and safer to survive a severe thunderstorm or tornado.

Advances in meteorology and personal communications not only make it much easier to detect conditions that could spawn a twister, but also make it possible to tell an entire region about the incoming threat over cell phone and radio warnings.

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