A tornado destroyed a town and a man raises a flag in the background.

It’s Time To Get Serious About Safety

Tornadoes have been devastating in America this year, as well as all forms of severe weather. Hurricanes have dumped record rain falls, and just when meteorologists think the end may be in sight another crop of dangerous weather events take place. Tornadoes have taken the lives of two more Americans. The death count is rising too fast for the country to properly grieve. Tragedy doesn’t seem to stop striking these days.

The National Weather Service reported tornadoes struck “four states: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania”. Ohio was hit hard, and was under a state of emergency during and after the event. The residents experienced a large amount of property damage throughout the affected area, as well as non life threatening injuries.

A tornado destroyed a town and a man raises a flag

Tornadoes have been punishing farmers in Ohio. Several tornadoes went throughout the entire state, and some strong winds hit rural areas outside of the touch down zone. The weather has severely damaged crops, barns, and livestock this year. Property damage estimates are still climbing. In all over 20,000 residents were without power in Ohio.

A tree fell onto an SUV in Kentucky. The severe winds uprooted the tree and injured a mother and father. The injuries they sustained from the tree falling on them eventually claimed their lives.

It’s Time To Prepare

Elephant has published many articles this tornado season on how important it is that those who live in areas susceptible to tornadoes prepare by buying a safe room. Not only has severe weather taken the lives of citizens this year, gun violence is at an all time high.
gun in the dark with light on the hands holding it
The Gun Violence Archive reports there have been 13,302 deaths by gun violence in America this year. Also that there are nearly enough shootings in America this year to put the country at one shooting per day. It’s downright devastating that the citizens of the greatest country on Earth have to live in fear of their neighbors. These days, it’s best to be on the safe side. Gun violence can take place anywhere.
Elephant Safe Rooms provides a service unparalleled in the safe room industry. Elephant gives customers the ability to be safe, furthermore, at an affordable rate. Below is our most affordable option. Also, our engineers can customize these structures to about any specification required.


A 4×4 Elephant Safe Room is 7′ high, includes a 36″ 7-point security door, and will accommodate from 2-4 persons in use as a tornado shelter or panic room.

Elephant safe room with dimensions 4 x 4

Our 4×4 safe room is 4′ wide by 4′ long by 7′ high. Elephant Safe Room® Shelters a secure multi-use above ground steel residential tornado safe room.



Made of solid quarter inch steel plate, this storm shelter is designed to withstand massive abuses from mother nature and criminal activity alike. The fully welded safe rooms are able to withstand tornado force wind speeds when properly installed inside the home, garage, or even out in the open. You can install these units outside, when anchored to a properly reinforced concrete pad, for safety and security for your family. Each unit comes standard with a 36″ standard security door with a three-point security latch system, and a key-lockable deadbolt. Sheltered air vents allow air in and will keep debris out, and each units comes with an enamel coated interior and exterior to ensure a solid finish and corrosion protection for years to come. For maximum protection from tornadoes, be sure to view our underground storm shelters.

Elephant Safe Room® Shelters are designed and manufactured in the USA at our factory in North Carolina. We service the Southeast directly, and provide Nationwide coverage with Freight-on-Board (FOB) determined at the time of your order.

Elephant undestands the world seems to be going crazy these days, and it’s worth having some peace of mind. That’s exactly what Elephant offers with this 4′ x 4′ Safe Room. Whatever customer’s desire can be designed, and installed with ease. Call now to get your free consultation, our take a gander at our shop by photo selection.