disaster could strike at any time

Disaster Could Strike California, Impacting Millions

California is the undisputed earthquake capitol of the United States. With the discovery of a newly identified fault line just off the coast, disaster could soon strike the residents of Southern California with consequences far worse than anticipated.

When Will Disaster Strike?

According to a report from USA Today, scientists uncovered a newly identified fault line which could trigger a massive magnitude-7.4 quake. Any tremors unleashed in the region could also lead to an earthquake at the San Andreas fault – which some researchers argue is well-overdue for a sizeable quake. The fault line could affect more than 20 million Californians living from San Diego to Los Angeles.

According to an article published by the American Geophysical Union, the fault is not a totally new discovery. The Newport-Inglewood and Rose Canyon faults had been considered separate systems. However, the new study shows that they are actually one continuous fault system just offshore, running parallel to the coastline. The area impacted is among the most densely populated in California, with major disaster implications even in the event of a magnitude-5 earthquake.

The team of researchers used two methods to estimate the maximum potential if the entire fault were to rupture, including onshore and offshore portions. Both methods derived estimates between magnitude-6.7 and magnitude-7.4; strong enough to spell catastrophe and produce a substantial tsunami risk. The most historically significant event of this fault rupturing occurred in 1933 in Long Beach, California – killing 115 people.

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