Rubble From an Earthquake

Registering Your Safe Room Could Save Your Life

Why You Should Register Your Safe Room

Just yesterday a news article was posted in Crawford County, Kansas. The article was about the locals registering their safe rooms within the community. This actually isn’t the first instance of areas asking their residents to register their safe rooms. The video above At first, it may seem a little strange to register your private property so the authorities may know where it’s placed. Actually, it may be a decision that saves your life. When a tornado tears through a town it doesn’t take discretion on what it destroys and covers in the process. There are certain situations in which safe rooms entrances (in this instance exits) can be covered by debris that make it impossible to exit. Safe rooms in this unfortunate scenario can be a tomb, although in nearly every other instance you are much safer inside a safe room than a simple home or otherwise. This is precisely the reason you should register your safe room. We obviously recommend our top of the line safe rooms due to their quality and variability. However, it is imperative you register your safe room no matter who you bought it from.

To register your safe room, simply call in to your local police station or google online if there’s a program set up in your area. There is much more likely to be a program located in areas where tornadoes are more frequent, but simply letting your county’s emergency institutions know where you have your safe room on your property may save your life. If you haven’t read our article about what to keep in your safe room, you should know that a strong walkie talkie or radio system is recommended in the event of any natural disaster, hurricane, tornado, or otherwise. In the case that your police department or fire department is not willing to cooperate, simply tell family members that you trust or neighbors that you maintain close relationships with. If people know where your safe room is, you might also be able to save their life if you have room.

Elephant Safe Rooms are Needed in Small Towns Too

Severe storms are on the rise in our fluctuating climate, and safe rooms are an excellent solution for that. Earthquakes are happening more often as well, and the seismic activity can level a house and destroy everything inside. Except, a safe room. Knowing that you have a plan within your familial unit to approach a severe storm or natural disaster with calm and diligence can lead you to a piece of special currency we like to call, peace of mind. If you have questions, we’ve listed our types of safe room below in case you haven’t explored our website. However, you’ll find much more information throughout, as well as many other articles on the benefits of our safe rooms and ways that they have saved lives in the past.

The main thing to consider when purchasing or shopping for a safe room is what is common in your area, then what is possible. If you live in tornado alley you should know that our safe rooms have got you covered, if you’re on the coast and you’re worried about hurricanes you needn’t worry either. Primarily, you need to acknowledge how many people you need to fit in your safe room. We recommend giving every person no matter their size a 4′ x 4′ foot square so they can have a place to rest in case of extended natural disaster or perhaps find refuge from a dangerous individual on the loose in the area. It’s always a benefit as well to have room for supplies such as bottled water, non perishable food, radios, and other survivalist preparations.

Safe Rooms:


Our above ground safe rooms can be installed freestanding or attached to your house from outside. If you want to be able to access the safe room from inside your home, we can install the structure adjacent to any exterior wall. Then an access door can be installed to allow easy entry to your safe room. Safe rooms come in 4’, 6’, and 8’ wide dimensions, but customized dimensions are also available. 12 gauge steel protects against tornado force wind speeds. Sheltered air vents filter out debris to allow air into the space.

Storm Safe Rooms:

ELEPHANT-STORM-SHELTER-6x18-1500pxStorm safe rooms offer maximum protection from tornadoes. They are installed underground with 6’ wide dimensions. For access, you have the option of a stairway, or an overhead hatch with a ladder. A secondary entry point can also be added for additional security in case debris is blocking one of the escape hatches. These bunkers are able to accommodate anywhere between 6 and 26 people depending on your safety needs. 12 gauge steel protects against tornado force wind speeds. Sheltered air vents filter out debris to allow air into the space.

Panelized Safe Room Kit:

6x10 bolt together safe room kit by Elephant Safe Rooms.

A panelized safe room kit allows you to retrofit any room in your house into a tornado shelter or storage room. These kits come in 6’ and 8’ wide dimensions. The kit comes with a series of 12 gauge steel panels that are steel-bolted together to provide optimal safety for you and your family. These kits can also be installed freestanding as long as they are supported by a concrete base. 12 gauge steel protects against tornado force wind speeds. Sheltered air vents filter out debris to allow air into the space. We have safe rooms, panelized kits, and underground bunkers that are available now. Call in today for a free consultation with one of our specialists, and take a look on our website if you want to purchase today.

Remember to not be concerned by the possibility that your safe room can become trapped, with only a small amount of preparation you can be sure that you are safe even if you become trapped. If a disaster happens before you are able to prepare your safe room for whatever reason you will know that emergency correspondents will be searching your home regardless of whether you registered or not in the event that it collapsed. Countless news stories have been written on the miraculous actions of firefighters and first responders. We only ask that you make their job easier by giving them the location of your safe room and the number of people that will be inside so they can arrange transportation to another area with swift convenience and execution. Your safe room can also be made comfortable, however; so remember that. Our larger rooms are capable of holding many people at a time, and can be fitted with furniture after installation.

Lastly, always remember that every natural disaster is at least in some way unexpected. It’s better to be prepared now than later, or try to prepare in the middle of an emergency situation. if you want more advice or a consultation on how to keep your family safe in the event of a tornado or natural disaster like it feel free to call in and ask our experienced staff about whatever you need to know.