Elephant Safe Rooms - Panelized Unit Installed

Community Safe Rooms

Some communities have begun opting for community safe rooms. It’s always good to have a safe room for a number of reasons, but when an area experiences elevated levels of crime or frequent severe weather FEMA recommends having an easy to access safe room at a centralized location. There community safe room page says,

“In areas subject to extreme-wind events, building owners, schools, hospitals, neighborhood associations, and others responsible for public safety should consider building a community safe room.

Since wind hazards (such as those associated with tornadoes and hurricanes) vary throughout the United States, the decision to build a safe room is largely based on the magnitude of the wind hazard in a given area and on the level of risk considered acceptable.”

Local law enforcement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has recently installed a safe room in their police station that’s open to the public for 24 hour use. It works by setting off an alarm when it’s opened that alerts dispatch, and a button allows you to directly contact them within the safe room. A camera monitors it constantly, and the door that leads into the police station can only be opened by an officer on the other side. The police chief believes it will be useful in numerous emergencies, “It could be used for domestic violence related incidents as well as sexual assault and maybe even road rage.”

The Milwaukee public safe room is one of several community safe rooms being built or planned throughout the country. They’re obviously more prevalent in tornado alley, but the  In Carthage, Missouri a local official endorsed a community safe room in the school. The area was hit by an EF5 tornado in 2011. It caused massive devastation throughout a large area, and made tornado preparedness and knowledge a priority of the government. In the last eight years there have been 126 safe rooms constructed throughout their community. Now most people have multiple safe rooms within their daily route and locations, and during nearly any emergency they have a place to go and be safe from danger.

Safer Together

Communal safe rooms are a fantastic way to reasonably protect your community members, and knowing that your children have a place to hide in case of a severe tornado is priceless. It’s unfortunate that a terrible natural disaster is what it took to get people to work together and agree to pay taxes, but if you’re community is not as interested in safe rooms you can always customize your own for home use. Our goal with our safe rooms line was to make a product that emphasized safety above all else. We have paneled kits, traditional safe rooms, and even underground bunkers. You’re better off really to have your own safe room, rushing to community centers is great for the people that are there, or groups of students. However, when the door closes it may not open again until the situation has resolved. First come, first serve. When you have a safe room in your home, you can be sure all of your family is safe and free to use the safe room as is needed.

Elephant safe room with dimensions 4 x 8

Elephant Safe Rooms

Elephant safe rooms has been a proponent of being prepared for these every emergency, and we advocate for communities to consider safe rooms in order to protect their citizens. We always recommend being prepared for everything that is preventable,  even if it means just having a place to hide until the situation resolves. The value of a safe room is endless, because you can’t put a price on your life.  There are scenarios where the home is simply the best place to have a safe room, but if any community center decides to get a safe room it’s for the benefit of everyone. If you’ve got a minute to prepare for several seconds of danger, the only thing that is veritably safe is to go inside a safe room, tornado shelter, or underground bunker.

We offer many sizes in all of our safe rooms, and they are applicable in more situations other than emergency storms as a result. They can store your heirlooms, protect you from home intruders, or threats in your area. Having a bunker with non perishable food and water may be life or death in certain situations, and we want to be able to offer that to everyone that we can. Our safe rooms are engineered to withstand an amazing amount of damage and disaster situations, take a look for yourself. If you have questions, call in today or fill out a contact form to speak with an industry leading professional today.