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Safe Rooms Can Help Texas as Winter Storm Worsens

Texas has possibly experienced tornadoes recently, and the National Weather Service has begun assessing the strength. It’s currently believed to maybe have been an EF1. Strong winds tore through the area for an extremely brief period of times. Most eyewitness reports say it happened in seconds, but the damage the winds did will go on for much longer than that. The winds strode through Frisco, and fortunately no one was hurt by the winds or the debris. It’s documented that around thirty homes took damage over the several seconds. Experts are still saying the jury is out on whether or not tornadoes did tear through the area, but the devastation of the storm leads many to believe that a brief tornado touch down could have taken place.

It’s said and shown in the video above that trees were knocked down, fences were torn apart and homes were hit by debris and the strong wind themselves. A local firefighter’s home was also damaged by the winds when a trampoline flew from a neighboring yard into his home along with pieces of fence it picked up along the way. In a moment of lucky and unlucky circumstances, the children were playing in the room that the debris flew into. They were not injured, fortunately. Some residents had interesting things to say about the storm. “It sounded like a train coming through, it was a huge loud noise,” said Megan Shirk. Interestingly enough, optimism did not leave the wife of the firefighter whose house was damaged she said, “God does not like it when the Cowboys lose.” The loss to the packers happened just briefly before the storm touched down.

Some hail was reported in the area as well, images of hail 4 inches in diameter were tweeted from the Frisco area. The hail in conjunction with the winds and rain brought down many power lines in Frisco. Reports of 33,000 customers were without power for a day or so, with power being fully restored to everyone quickly. Chimneys were blown over, porches destroyed, and an unknown amount of property damage plagued the entire area.  The Green Bay and Dallas football game had to be closed off after it ended so fans were asked to stay in the stadium for their own safety. No one was harmed at the stadium either.

Elephant Safe Rooms

Elephant safe rooms has been a proponent of being prepared for these exact instances since the inception of our company. We always recommend being prepared for everything that is preventable, and in cases like this the danger is apparent. All of the damage that took place in essence happened over several seconds. These situations are imperative in explaining how rushing to a disaster center or a place where you want to go in the community is not enough. If you’ve got a minute to prepare for several seconds of danger, the only thing that is verifiably safe is to go inside a safe room, tornado shelter, or underground bunker.

We offer many sizes in all of our safe rooms, and they are applicable in more situations other than emergency storms as a result. They can store your heirlooms, protect you from home intruders, or threats in your area. Having a bunker with non perishable food and water may be life or death in certain situations, and we want to be able to offer that to everyone that we can. Our safe rooms are engineered to withstand an amazing amount of damage and disaster situations, take a look for yourself. If you have questions, call in today or fill out a contact form to speak with an industry leading professional today.