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Severe Weather Threatens Millions Across Southeast

With the warm summer months approaching, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and other severe weather could become more frequent and deadly.

Tornadoes and Flooding Pound Louisiana, Mississippi

Parts of the southeast were battered by severe weather on Monday as strong winds and the threat of flooding continue in the region. A 3-year-old little girl and her mother were killed by the storm when a tornado lifted their mobile home from its foundation and dropped it from the sky. The victims lived in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana.

At least three tornadoes were reported in northeast Louisiana last night, which 15 structures in the Franklin Parish damaged by the storm. First responders and rescue teams worked tirelessly to assist more than 200 people between family residences and an area group home in the Rapides Parish of central Louisiana. Almost 10,000 people are without power, from the residents of the Rapides Parish to those living in Alexandria.

The possibility of flooding is also of great concern to many in Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana. Hundreds of people needed to be rescued early Monday morning because of high water and dangerous conditions. Areas affected in Mississippi include Rankin County and Vicksburg, with concern growing around the Big Black River as its waters begin to rise. According to CNN, some areas of Louisiana had already seen more than 5 inches of rain. These slow-moving storm systems could dump another 3-6 inches of rainfall by morning, further increasing the risk of flash flooding.

Many area schools announced that they would be closed on Monday and let the storms pass before bringing students back to class. Meteorologists warned that severe weather would still be affecting the southeast throughout Monday and that tornadoes, hail, strong winds, heavy rain, and flash flooding could still strike anywhere.

Protection from Severe Weather with Elephant

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