Prepare for the worst with a storm bunker or safe room from Elephant.

Focus on Readiness with an Elephant Storm Bunker

Preparing for the worst can include a number of things. In reality, a storm bunker or safe room doesn’t always have to be one of them. People should ready themselves by stocking up on food and supplies, keeping important documents safe, and having an emergency plan. We have preached time and time again the importance of being ready in the event of a dangerous situation and how preparation can make all the difference. Authorities in central Florida decided to take action and prepare as a community for the possibility of another severe storm. Hurricane Matthew struck the area just four months ago. Residents were on high alert after more than 17,000 were without power. Although the damage wasn’t as bad as officials had anticipated, you can never be too careful when it comes to public safety.

Severe Weather Awareness Day

The Lake County Emergency Management Division is holding its annual Severe Weather Awareness Day. Operating for its third year, the event will feature local public-safety agencies as well as Lake staffers. Officials will be displaying vehicles and equipment normally used during weather disasters. Participants include the Lake County Public Safety Department, Sheriff’s Office, Lake County EMS, the Lake County Animal Shelter, and many other organizations. Emergency management will provide information about family-preparedness plans, tornados, shelters, emergency pet safety, and NOAA weather radios and alerts. Severe Weather Awareness Day is held in recognition of Severe Weather Awareness Week. This time for preparation and learning runs from January 23rd to the 27th. Explore more information about this event, as well NOAA alerts and emergency management practices so that your family can be prepared and vigilant in the face of an emergency.

Elephant Storm Bunker

Having a plan and a level head is vital when dealing with an emergency. However, it may not always be enough to save the day. Investing in your family’s safety and future with a storm bunker or safe room from Elephant is one measure that is sure to provide peace of mind. Check out our selection online and call one of our expert representatives if you have any questions. Being prepared can mean the difference between triumph and tragedy – let Elephant Safe Rooms protect your family from the unthinkable.