The mountains of Tennessee with a cloud over the horizon.

Clarksville, TN Man is Alive Thanks to Safe Room

The Law Enforcement in Clarksville, TN is still searching for leads on a suspect that burglarized a local man’s home Monday night last week. The man’s name has not been released publicly, but he has stated that he attributes his survival to his safe room. After being woken up by his house alarm he locked the door and went immediately into this safe room installed in the same room. The safe room was put in place for severe weather, but the owner also stated it’s use as a panic room was known to him before purchasing the shelter. Safe Room sales are on the rise, perhaps due to the at least perceived instability that we are suffering from recently. Without a doubt we are glad that the Clarksville resident remained unharmed, and are happy to provide his account as testimony to the value of owning an easily accessible safe room in your home.

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Call in today to ask about what kind of structure you might need installed in your home for you and your family’s safety needs to be met against nearly any situation. There are a plethora of sizing options available in three different styles, the underground bunker, the panelized kit safe room, and the prefabricated safe room. Our specialists can help answer any questions you may have about owning or maintaining a safe room, and what you can expect from owning one in your home or on your property. We enjoy hearing about stories where safe rooms save lives, and would like to hear more of them. Give us a call today for a free consultation on what you could us your safe room for.