Tunnel clouds forming above a mountain range, black skies above.

Seven Tornadoes Hit Indiana

This past monday night a tornado was sighted near Indianapolis, Indiana. It was classified as an F1, and retained it’s form for an extended period of time. There were debris strewn all along it’s path, and considerably large in size. Local Storm reports noted that the debris were also found in the town of Brownsburg, close by. After the fact, the residents learned it was actually seven tornadoes, all at or below a level of EF2. Residents who were in their homes during the storm stated that the sound of the tornado was much louder than they could have imagined, with one man saying it was worse than a train. Tornadoes have an unprecedented ratio of speed and unpredictability to devastation. They strike without warning, and in numbers. They are, in a way, mother nature’s natural disaster wolf pack. Just like wolves, and canines in the same family, tornadoes strike everywhere in the United States. Nearly every single stat has experienced a tornado in recent history, and documentation of their occurrence was not present over 100 years ago.

Also unlike, wolves, Tornadoes cannot be stopped. Tornadoes can only be survived, and their relentless ability to destroy people’s lives, hoes, and entire communities makes them something that everyone should know how to survive. Our safe rooms are top of the line and are rated to survive any tornado. We also have articles on what to put inside them in the case of hurricanes or other natural disasters. Not only do they help protect you and your family from natural disasters, they can be used to protect against home intruders. There are some cases where a safe room has saved a life.

We offer three different types of structures at Elephant Safe Rooms offers. The first being the safe room that can be installed in your home or outside, as an above ground structure. These safe rooms can also be shipped to you as a self-installation kit that is panelized and easy to install. This is the second option. The third and most safe structure that we offer is the underground bunker. The bunkers come in a variety of dimensions, and have the strongest deterrent available; they’re underground. If you have any questions about specifications or general information feel free to check out our website or call in for a free consultation!