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Science Fiction Safe Room Technology of the Seriously Rich

Foreword: These are the Safe Rooms of Billionaires.

The Corbi Compound

In Downtown Los Angeles, there is a home in the Hollywood Hills that belongs to Mr. Al Corbi. The house is in pristine condition, with white paint and regal artwork inside. It’s a 2,500 square foot home with view of downtown Los Angeles, and is more like a confidential government headquarters than  home. There’s no traditional lock system on the house, because it uses a “biometric recognition software.” So anyone that’s registered (just the family of course) can unlock and open the door just by using their hand. The house is centered around a bulletproof and explosion proof panic room.

It’s by far one of the most futuristic security systems available today. The military uses a lot of the technology also used by the house, and some of the tech is straight out of a James Bond flick. It goes without saying the price tag on the security of the house is enormous, and relatively unparalleled. It can also sense a person from a half a mile away. Not like anyone could actually get into the house in the first place, but it’s peace of mind for the Corbi family that no one can arrive at their house unannounced by their seemingly evil genius lair’s computer system.

The wealthy are consistently making leaps and bounds in high profile homes. So much so that the companies that build for the homeowners solely work with billionares. At Elephant, we build for a wide range of people but also strive to make our structures affordable.  The Corbi home has been likened to that of the White House, and one might ask what exactly is the Corbi family so concerned of? The founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems said, ” Every now and again you get a real kook, and what if they came to your home and tried to do something stupid?” Reason enough for military grade protection? Maybe.

Castle On a Hill Top

The Field

You might be thinking, “Who are the people designing these things?” One in particular is an ex-secret service agent. Christopher Falkenberg works for a technology company in New York called Insite Security. He says, “The exterior has always been the holy grail because you could never really protect it without 24-hour guard service.” The technology has advanced enough to a point now that the exterior of a house can be much more secure, keeping everything from people to bullets and shrapnel out of the interior.

For example, there are now infrared cameras that are set to read the temperatures of all living things within their range. The range starts at 1 kilometer, and goes up to 15 kilometers. They’ve also been engineered in such away to adapt to the climate, as well as smokescreens and time of day. They are some of the most advanced infrared cameras in the field, and allow for residents of the home they’re installed on to be sure of intruders from every direction. The Biometric technologies mentioned in the Corbi home have also advanced to a scifi level. The Corbi’s have to touch the door to initiate a finger print scanner, but some of the systems don’t even require touch at all. The door automatically unlocks if it’s under the correct setting to judge if the person is clear based on facial, vocal, and behavioral recognition. This is being used in multiple countries by several different military organizations, and the extremely wealthy.

With protection like this, the vulnerabilities are scarce. If you think about it, the windows have to be the weakest point just because of the material. We’ve had bulletproof glass technology for a while, but these companies took it to another level for their high profile clients. There are detectors in the glass that notify the resident if the glass breaks. The glass break detectors are extremely small, and camouflaged into their surroundings. This is done in order to keep them from being tampered with, but they’re also within the home as another precaution. Truly, truly safe. It’s beyond difficult to break the blast proof windows in the first place, but if a controlled demolition is used the detectors can do their job to double the layer of protection on the most vulnerable part of the house.

One of the most frightening aspects of the house are the fog screens. When an intruder attempts to make their way into the home, fog comes out of screens and effectively disables the burglars for up to 24 hours. That’s not all. There’s a device inside of the house that showers pepper spray onto intruders, which is also hidden in the ceilings. That’s also, not all. There’s a smoke system that attaches a small code of DNA into the intruder, which can linger for weeks and be traced back to the home.

The FUTURE in red in space

The Future Technology

It’s strange to think that companies feel the need to advance further in protection after hearing all of the things they’re currently using, but apparently people are worried about chemical bombs. Pollack says, “Recently we have seen, especially in New York City, clients worried about dirty bombs.” There is technology in testing to “suck in fresh air from outside a space and filter it indefinitely.” This is also military grade, and many billionaires are funding the creation for eventual use in their own homes. The filters should keep the areas cleaned for a week, which is in general enough to withstand the after effects of a chemical bomb.

The doors on the safe rooms in the home are also extremely high tech. They’re bullet proof, kevlar lined, electromagnetic, and cost a starting price of $20,000. Most of the doors are made by a man named Gary Paster, who owns the American Saferoom Door Company. The doors are not only on the safe room entrances, they also go into bedrooms, bathrooms, and anywhere the owner deems necessary. Including, secret passageways. That’s right, there’s a company that makes secret passageways for escapes. We don’t know where they are. Just kidding, they’re in  Middle Eastern Royal Palace, hidden behind bookcases, wardrobes, and secret walls. The company that builds them is called Creative Home Engineering, and creates arround 45 portals a year.

Elephant safe room with dimensions 6 x 6


Elephant Safe Rooms has product that is affordable, and all you need to protect you and your family. We also give you the option to get what you need on a varying scale. Billionaires seem to have too much money to spend, and that isn’t the case for regular people. We understand that, and want to give you the capability to protect yourself without taking out a second mortgage on your home. The best way to get the ultimate safety for the common person, is a safe room from Elephant Saferooms. Call in today for a free consultation with one of our professionals, or shop on our website to familiarize yourself with our product. You can even purchase online. These billionaire safety technologies are impressive, but what’s more impressive is being able to keep your family safe without making it a competition. Safety is what’s important when it comes to safe rooms.