Safe Rooms Save Lives In Severe Tornado Outbreaks

Severe tornadoes have been rolling through Oklahoma, Kansas, and other central United States with frightening frequency. A woman in Kansas’ home was completely destroyed by a tornado, CBS has an evening report on the event and an interview with the woman. Luckily, she had a tornado shelter beneath her home made of concrete that saved her life. She hid in the shelter as soon as the tornado begin to make it’s way to her property. Her entire house was swept away within a few seconds. There’s a section in the video on CBS’s report that also shows a truck that was hurled a 100 yards. It would’ve taken several miracles at once to prevent fatalities without a safe room in this instance. In many cases, a storm shelter is the only thing standing between living another day and certain death. Some communities in the midwest actually require homeowners to purchase saferooms as regulation. The safe room in the Kansas tornado incident was made of concrete and installed underground. Our safe rooms are made of steel, and are highly superior in construction to concrete alternatives.

Be Prepared – A Safe Room Saved Woman From Tornado That Destroys Her Home

Tornadoes On The Rise, Studies Show

Tornadoes have been increasing in recent years by nearly all climate reports. Some weather scientists believe that the increase in frequency is due to climate change. In the study by Tippett, M. K. & Cohen J. E. pictured on the right, it is clear the trend has been steady and strong. However, it is not clear what is the cause. Climate change is most meteorologists first inkling, although it has yet to be proven. Whatever the case may be in regards to climate change, it is important to know what to do in  preparation for more storms this season. Having a plan is integral, as it is extremely difficult to communicate a method for entering a safe room when a tornado is headed towards your house and panic has set in. The most important item for preparation is a safe room or extremely resilient storm shelter.

Number of Severe Tornado Outbreaks

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How to Protect Your Family With a Safe Room

Our safe rooms are designed to be built in nearly any configuration you require. We even offer panelized kits in order to give you better prices and more customization. Safe rooms, storm shelters, and underground bunkers not only protect you from tornadoes, but also from any number of situations. For instance, states of emergency, hurricanes, home intruder, gun storage, or armed and dangerous criminals in the area. We at Elephant Safe Rooms are committed to bringing you top of the line customer service with an equal quality product at consumer conscious prices. The best method for finding out what you need is to call in and speak with one of our professionals for a free consultation. You can also shop online and see all of our available products with specifications and information about applications for each.