Tunnel clouds forming above a mountain range, black skies above.

Studies Show Tornadoes and Severe Weather Are On The Rise

climate-changeIn recent years we have had some peculiar weather to say the least. Here in the mountains of North Carolina we experience strange shifts in the weather on a day to day basis; however, we rarely see tornadoes. Tornadoes have been increasing alongside severe weather systems in recent years, and it’s left the large majority of climatologists and scientists perplexed as to what the cause might be. In an article recently written for the Center For Climate and Energy Solutions climate change was listed as a possible culprit. However, the article also states that “the link between tornadoes and climate change is currently unclear.”It’s difficult to track tornadoes, due to their volatile nature, and ephemeral presence even as one of the most destructive elements of weather possible on our planet. Many tornadoes that have been speculated to have touched down in the United States have never been spotted, therefore they cannot be documented by the National Weather Service. Regardless, the article goes on to explain that “the building blocks for tornadoes — atmospheric instability and wind shear — will respond to global warming.” The frightening aspect of this statement–whether you believe in climate change or not–is the irrefutable fact that our planet has gotten warmer in recent years and is nearly guaranteed to continue on that course. This means more tornadoes that are fiercer, and more frequent than we’ve seen before in our country.

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