Fairdale Man Records Tornado Destroying His Home

Two days ago in Fairdale, Chicago a man “Clem Shultz” was headed upstairs to get lighting supplies to bring down to his wife below when he saw a tornado headed towards him. He’s 85 years old, and had not time to rush downstairs. He survived after a neighbor helped clear out enough rubble for him to escape. His wife died in the collapse. Here is the video of the storm approaching. Watch with your own discretion, no violence is found in the video other than loud noises and the terror of the storm itself.


This is a terrible occurrence, and our condolences to Mr. Shultz. We are truly sorry for his loss. If he had owned an Elephant Tornado Shelter, perhaps this could’ve been avoided. We encourage our customers to protect their families against the sudden disasters that are increasingly present in our modern society. If Mr. Shultz and his wife had owned an Elephant Safe room and had an escape plane for a scenario such as this they would’ve most likely escaped with their lives. It’s pointless to think about what could’ve happened right instead of wrong, but it is important to look towards the future and learn from unfortunate mistakes. Protect your family by calling in for a free consultation from one of our experts today at Elephant Saferooms.