Elephant safe room with dimensions 8 x 12
8' Safe Rooms

8′ x 12′ Safe Room

A 8×12 Elephant Safe Room is 7' high, includes a 36″ 7-point security door, and will accommodate from 20-22 persons in use as a tornado shelter or panic room.


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Our 8×12 safe room is 8′ wide by 12′ long by 7′ high. Elephant Safe Room® Shelters a secure multi-use above ground steel residential tornado safe room.


Safe Room Specifications

Made of solid quarter inch steel plate, this storm shelter is designed to withstand massive abuses from mother nature and criminal activity alike. The fully welded safe rooms are able to withstand tornado force wind speeds when properly installed inside the home, garage, or even out in the open. You can install these units outside, when anchored to a properly reinforced concrete pad, for safety and security for your family. Each unit comes standard with a 36″ standard security door with a three-point security latch system, and a key-lockable deadbolt. Sheltered air vents allow air in and will keep debris out, and each units comes with an enamel coated interior and exterior to ensure a solid finish and corrosion protection for years to come. For maximum protection from tornadoes, be sure to view our underground storm shelters.

Elephant Safe Room® Shelters are designed and manufactured in the USA at our factory in North Carolina. We service the Southeast directly, and provide Nationwide coverage with Freight-on-Board (FOB) determined at the time of your order.


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