Utah Devastated by Tornadoes, Extensive Cleanup Underway

Last Thursday, there was a tornado in Washington Terrace. It devastated a few homes, and caused damage throughout the area in varying degrees to property. A storm of considerable size tore through Davis and Weber counties, and 30,000 citizens were left without power. Fortunately, the only injuries sustained were due to small debris. No significant injuries have been reported, however multiple cars, trees, and power lines were destroyed. Gas leaks in the area have also been noted, but have been managed appropriately. In a news report of the incident, a resident named Gaelynn Sewell was interviewed about when the tornado tore through close enough to her home to through furniture, break windows and damage the outside of her home considerably. She was quoted, ” The whole house started shaking, I didn’t even know what happened. It is a disaster in there; it moved everything.” Sewell sustained the same injuries that plagued most residents, glass cuts and debris bruises, and is ultimately very lucky nothing worse happened. As a symbol of hope, there was a rainbow after the storm. Residents were upset that so much property was damaged in the storm, but were much more grateful no one was injured severely. Sewell said, “We are okay and that is all that matters.” A meteorologist in the area, Chase Thomason, explained that the tornado passed through the tornado from the Southeast, up through the North. The Hill Force Air Base was hit by the worst part of the storm, and also lost power. The tornado caused spotty damage through Riverdale and Washington Terrace, leaving one block in the area more damaged than anywhere else.



The Governer of Utah, Gary Herbert gave his thanks and praise to over 400 volunteers who came to Washington Terrace to help clean up and offer their aid to the area. The Governer toured the area speaking with those who lost their homes, and made glittering comments on the spirit of the support. He was quoted in a local news circuit by saying “I came here expecting to see a lot of debris, you know, kind of the war zone we’ve seen in other times with similar storms, and I come here and it’s mostly all cleaned up, and so it just tells me that the people in charge here are really doing good things.” It’s difficult to lose everything, there’s no question about it. However, there is a layer of positivity and change in knowing plenty of people came together to help everyone feel better about their situation. Gaelynn Sewell said, “We have nothing, we have what we have on our back right here, and that’s it.” Her home has been deemed unfit to inhabit, as many others throughout the area have. Just a day after the tornado, a lot of the tornado debris had been cleaned up, and a lot of the houses with holes in windows and roofs have been boarded up. The Sheriff’s Office gave a press release stating all closed off areas have been reopened and areas with dangerous debris have been fully cleared of harmful objects. Officials worked throughout the entire area to make sure power lines were restructured, and roads were traversable. The areas are under surveillance, due to the large number of possible dangers of burglaries and looting. Citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious activity, and remain in contact for safety concerns as well. In total, the Red Cross has assisted 36 families in the area.

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