Protecting Your Family

When preparing for the worst, often homeowners invest heavily into alarm systems for protection against home invaders. While it is wise to take into account this type of protection, it is also often not enough. Even in situations when home invaders forcefully enter your home and trigger the alarm (assuming it’s linked to an alert service), the alert that is sent the authorities has a delay. After that delay is passed, there is another delay for how long it takes the authorities to get to your home. As frightening as it is to admit, that amount of time is ample enough for a burglar to cause you and your loved ones physical harm. The sad truth is that during these times an alarm system is not enough.  According to the United States Department of Justice:

Home intruder creeps through the living room of a home.

What We’re About

One of the absolutely best methods for protecting you and your loved ones from home invasions or states of emergency is a panic room. Elephant Safe Rooms offers indoor panelized kit, fully welded, and below ground panic rooms. We want to give you the ability to protect you and your loved ones to the absolute utmost potential that you can. If someone breaks into your home and wants to harm you and your loved ones, than retreating to a panic room will give you enough time to wait with peace of mind until the authorities arrive. If you’re interested in purchasing a panic room, or you’d like to speak to a safe room consultant, call in today for a free consultation.