Safe Room

In the tumultuous world we live in today we are constantly reminded of the necessity of safety in our lives. We are reminded every day by the news, the weather channel, and the potentiality of the future that taking precautions are in fact better than taking none at all. Owning a safe room for home or work is an absolute must in today’s world.

You have to be prepared for anything these days, from storms, burglars, viruses, and terrorist attacks. Here at Elephant Safe Rooms, we are in the business of creating a variety of metal safe rooms that can protect you from whatever life throws your way. Call in today for a free consultation with one of our building experts.

FEMA Safe Room Recommendations

Here are some of FEMA’S recommendations for buying the right safe room for you. FEMA does not authorize or certify any safe rooms as they are not a commercial enterprise, however we do build all our structures to meet FEMA suggestions.

  • The safe room should be adequately anchored to the foundation to resist overturning and uplift.
  • The walls, ceiling, and door of the shelter should withstand wind pressure and resist penetration by wind-borne objects or falling debris.
  • The connections between all parts of the safe room should be strong enough to resist separation by wind.
  • Sections of either interior or exterior residence walls which are used as walls of the safe room, should be separated from the structure of the residence so that damage to the residence will not cause damage to the safe room.
Elephant Safe Rooms - Panelized Unit Installed

Purchasing a Safe Room

Elephant Safe Rooms is in the business of keeping you and whatever you hold dear in this world safe. With one of our structures from Elephant Safe rooms, and proper procedures, you should have no issues protecting your family and yourself from unforeseen disastrous incidents. We have been in the metal structures business for over 30 years, and we get better with each one that passes. Protect your family with Elephant Structures.