Severe Storms Headed to Central United States This Week

There appears to be a very unfavored forecast headed towards central U.S. in the next coming weeks. There are severe storms on the horizon which will cause tornadoes and large hail all throughout the central states. The storms will make their way through Missouri all the way to Texas. Meteorologists and weather website writers are warning motorists to be aware of the potential of “rapidly deteriorating visibility conditions.” This is very frightening due to the language being used by authorities on the matter. For instance, “Lightning fatalities are the highest this year since they have been since 2001,” Accuweather writes. Looking forward to the summer months, most sources say that the central United states will be receiving heavy storms throughout. Here is some footage of the storms in Colorado:

It’s strange to witness as many record storms, temperatures, and fatalities due to them. Whatever the cause may be, freak incidents or not, it is important to prepare. Especially, if you are in the central United States. We offer three different types of safe rooms, from above ground in-house kits, to below ground bunkers. Call in today for a free consultation on a safe room. We provide the best, to help keep you and your family safe.